Technical Education

II. Material Information Technologies Seminar / 29th November, 2013

Conference of Cooperation between University and Industry in Slovenia with Emphasis on National and International Projects in Manufacturing and Forming / 11th November, 2013

7th International Conference and Exhibition on Design and Production of MACHINES and DIES/MOLDS / 20-23th June, 2013

II. Kaynak ve Isıl İşlem Çalıştayı / 4-5th April, 2013

NC Programlarda Yüksek Verimliliğe Ulaşmak Semineri / 22th March, 2013

Sonlu Elemanlar Yöntemi Eğitimi (TOFAŞ) / 12-13th February, 2013

Geri Yaylanma ve Kalıntı Gerilmeler (TOFAŞ) / 12-13th February, 2013

Advanced Failure Prediction Methods in Sheet Metal Forming / 5-6th June, 2012

15. European Scientific Association for Material Forming / 14-16th March, 2012

I. Material Information Technologies Seminar / 30th November, 2012

6th International Conference on Quenching and Control of Distortion and Residual Stresses / 10-14th September, 2012

Direct Determination of Coulomb’s Friction Coefficient for Cold Forming Simulation / 9-12th September, 2012