The Metal Forming Center of Excellence (MFCE) was established in 2010, funded by the Turkish Ministry of Development and Atilim University. The Centre aims to support the Turkish and European metal forming industry through research in four main areas; developing innovative, knowledge-based manufacturing technologies; manufacturing high value-added components; manufacturing using new and advanced materials; and, exploring options for energy-efficient manufacturing.

The research is conducted in close collaboration with both academia and industry.  Since 2010, the Centre has worked on a significant number of national and international, small and medium-sized projects, developing an extensive database of contacts throughout the metal forming community and a considerable experience in disseminating knowledge through organising seminars, workshops and training courses.

To support research, a range of facilities are available at the Centre, including metal forming machinery, equipment for forming-related measurement, material and microstructure characterisation as well as software and hardware for numerical analysis. 


Metal Forming Center of Excellence Capabilities

  • Material Characterization for Simulation
  • Forming of Leightweight Materials
  • Die Design and Lifetime Improvement
  • Analytical Methods
  • Numerical Methods
  • Material Characterization Experiments
  • Systematic Experiments
  • Prototype Manufacturing
  • Pre-mass Production


Turkish Metal Industry is in need of a research and development center which has the expertise to address the short, medium and long term problems of the industry in a way to maintain its competitive power and even increase it for the next two decades, to discover new markets and products and to be part of worldwide technological leadership. In this context, the fundamental aim of Metal Forming Center of Excellence supported by State Planning Agency is to develop academia-industry collobaration based on necessary research and development to:

  • develop manufacturing technologies based on scientific knowledge
  • fabricate products which have high added value
  • use new and advanced materials in the manufacturing technologies
  • increase productivity
  • develop small and micron sized products
  • create fast product development processes
  • enhance innovation abilities


The center which is part of Manufacturing Engineering department of Atılım University is provide research facilities as well as projects with industrial partners to researchers in universities.