II. Material Information Technologies Seminar - 29th November, 2013

Following the 1st Material Information Technologies Seminar organized last year by the partnership of ONATUS, Granta Software, Atılım University Metal Forming Center of Excellence (MFCE) and METU Welding Technology Center, with the participation of over 80 companies and institutions from various different material related sectors; we are holding the 2nd Material Information Technologies Seminar with the same partners at November 29, 2013 in MFCE conference room.

The seminar will focus on the following subjects:

  • Data sources for reliable material information
  • In-house usage and interdepartmental sharing of material information
  • Material selection considering the balance between cost and performance
  • Computational methods for material data acquisition
  • Experimental methods for material data acquisition
  • Analysis and processing of characterization test for computer simulations
  • Consideration of the microstructure as material data
  • Using the microstructure information as a tool for the justification of design and computer simulations


We expect your precious participation in our event during which questions and solution suggestions regarding the subjects of obtaining material data by experimental and computational methods or from databases, utilization of these data in design and process focused material selection and in-house material data management will be discussed in detail. 


The schedule and the brochure of the event can be obtained from here.


Due to limited seating and high demand, registration is mandatory. For registration click here.




    Kind regards,

Asst. Prof. Dr. Caner Şimşir / Dr.-Ing. Kemal Davut

Atılım University Metal Forming Center of Excellence